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JANUS FLEET is an attempt at a total conversion for FREESPACE2 by volition, You need this in order to play, Although it will probably work with the demo, You wont be able to play any campaign missions as they (will) use Capital ships found only in the retail version.

I intend to add a whole new race, fighters, bomber(s), New ship classes complete with custom weapons and scratchbuilt sounds and effects. As mentioned earlier a whole new campaign will be featured also which will follow on from the end of the main FS2 campaign providing an alternate storyline featuring a branching mission structure.


Two months after cappella detonated, And the GTVA has regrouped at beta aquilae, Established a makeshift frontline and Begun cleansing allied space of Shivans which made it through before the supernova, Construction of a new knossos is impossible as Dr Hargrove and her research team was killed in a shivan attack during the exodus, All data has been lost. In an effort to raise morale throughout the GTVA the senate has announced that a mass expansion and fortification of allied systems will be possible now that the NTF have been thwarted. You are a young pilot who enlists with dreams of glory and battle, After graduating through the terran flight academy you are stationed aboard the GTD ILLUSTRIOUS' premier squadron the 131st Black Knights, and yep you guessed it.. Alpha wing, 1st position.....